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Saturday Night Live Super Bowl Halftime Weekend Update Special with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey

Which, by the way, was pretty funny.

My weekend was too interesting to use the condensed format, so here you go.

Friday night I got home from work to find that my dog, Bailey, had run away again. This time I was more annoyed than anything else. I drove around for about fifteen minutes looking for her before I gave up. I decided that if she came back, fine, and if not, fine, whatever. I'm tired of that dog. So Tandra and I went to dinner and went to go see Darkness Falls. Only, after we bought the tickets and before we went in to see the movie, my phone delivered a voice mail to me that had been left at 3:30 that afternoon. It was some lady who had found my dogs. Only, in the time it had taken my phone to deliver the voice mail, they had run away from her too, so she didn't have them anymore.

Um, excuse me? Dogs? Plural? Then I realized that I hadn't seen Annabelle since I'd gotten off work either. See, Annabelle behaves and she's allowed in the house and she's real quiet and just minds her own business. Bailey on the other hand has to stay out back and is jumpy and energetic and chews up everything. So it was easy to notice that Bailey was gone, and not so easy to notice that Annabelle was gone. Also, Bailey's been in our family for about five months and Annabelle's been in my family (i.e. my brother, sister, parents, and me) for about eleven years. I'm responsible for taking care of Annabelle, but she's not just my dog. She's also old and tired and skinny and she has bad teeth which makes it hard for her to eat hard food and she gets cold easily. So you can understand why, when I found out Annabelle was missing too, I immediately dropped what I was doing, got a refund on my tickets, and hauled ass home.

I spent three hours in the car with the windows down in twenty degree weather cruising the streets of my neighborhood calling for my dogs. Finally I have up and went home and made up flyers to print out. I was exhausted and I was really upset. I love Annabelle like a sister, if not more.

Saturday morning Tandra woke up early to take a friend to work. She then cruised our neighborhood for another hour with no luck. We printed and posted about 40 flyers in my neighborhood. Then we went to the Humane Society, and there they were. My poor dogs, in one of those cages together (They stayed together! They don't even like each other!), and they were so happy to see us. I was happy to see them too, but I was not happy that I had to pay $35 PER DOG to get them out. That part fucking sucked.

I'm positive Annabelle would never have run away on her own. She hasn't ever been the type of dog to run away, but this was the second time for Bailey in nine days. So Saturday afternoon I went around the perimeter of the fence in the backyard and did some maintenance, nailing in loose parts of the fence, dropping cinder blocks where potential holes were, and whatnot. Basically escape-proofing the yard. I think I did a good job. I also got a tag for Annabelle that had her name, address, and my phone number on it. We also decided to give Bailey away. She's a bad influence. I think maybe we'll get another dog later on, a big dog like a Lab or something.

Saturday afternoon we caught the late matinee of Darkness Falls. It was okay. Another twist on the "scared of the dark" concept. Some jumpy parts, some corny one-liners. Nothing special, but it didn't suck.

Then we went shopping to price paint and laminate flooring and other stuff for working on the house. Then we came home and watched TV all night.

Back to condensed format for a second:

My Sunday
Grocery Store
Super Bowl

Tandra's Sunday

Yeah, you read right. As the day wore on (and the Super Bowl drew closer) Tandra was feeling more and more rotten, until her side was hurting so badly that she was doubled over and rocking back and forth. I, being the wonderful fiancee that I am, stayed home with the kids and the game while her mom came and picked her up and took her to the E.R. I mean really, why let a little thing like appendicitis get in the way of the Super Bowl?

It took them eight fucking hours to decide she needed to get her appendix out. From that time, it was only another fourteen before she was released to come back home. So at about one in the morning last night, we arranged for Tandra's step-sister to come over and hang out at the house while the kids slept, and I went to the hospital. At about two, they took her in for the appendectomy. That was done in about an hour and a half, and they released her to come home about 4 this afternoon. I left the hospital around 8 this morning to bring Tandra's mom back home to her van, and instead of going back to the hospital, I fell asleep. I had only gotten about an hour and a half of sleep at the hospital, and even that had been propped up in a chair. My cell phone was still on vibrate from being at the hospital, so I didn't even get any phone calls. Finally at about 1 PM Miah came bursting into the house looking for me and woke me up. I'm glad he did. It's always nice to see Miah, even if it is because he's startling me out of a dead sleep. Plus I needed to get my ass back to the hospital.

So I brought her home and right now she's upstairs watching TV and trying not to hurt. I'm going to go back up and take care of her some more. I haven't caught up on my friends page or anything so I hope none of you have died. I'll be catching up probably tomorrow.

Since it cost us $70 to get the dogs out, we had already decided not to go to Kansas City before this whole appendix business, so I guess that's good.

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