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This morning I was listening to NPR on the way to work. They played a sound clip of Tony Blair talking to the British House of Commons, making his case for alliance with America on the war on Iraq. It amazes me sometimes how infantile politics can be. It's bad here, but it's even worse in other countries. Certainly you've seen that footage of the Parliament in some Asian country getting into a huge brawl. It's ridiculous. Well, in this sound clip, lame-ass members of the House of Commons are all in the back talking shit, loudly, while Tony is trying to talk. To the point that Tony has to interrupt himself and say "please, if some honorable members would permit me," and then continue. Evidently that's the traditional way you express a lack of support for what someone is saying, but how fucking disrespectful is that? How lame and childish is that? Apparently voting on a resolution is just too time-consuming; they can't be bothered. If I were Tony I certainly couldn't tolerate all that bullshit. I'd be pissed.

My e-mail to Jim:



Again, thanks so much for all the great information. It fascinates me to
have my eyes opened a little bit to the issues that drive these kinds of
decisions. I'm always up for a greater understanding of anything,
especially when it's something I'm so interested in.

Last week I again took your responses to the message boards. I had planned
to gauge a collective reaction and then share that with you, just as sort of
a FYI. However, someone has been posting on the SPEED message boards using
the screen name "speed1". This person hasn't come out and said directly who
they are, but given the way this person talks, it sounds like it might be
you. I decided I had better find out whether or not that is the case so I
don't wind up giving you information you're already in touch with. Before I
got interested in the WRC Coverage I really hadn't paid any attention to the
SPEED message boards, so I don't know if that is you or not. If that is
you, I think it's fantastic that you're willing to participate in the
message boards and interact with your viewers. That kind of
executive/consumer interaction is almost unheard of.

I'm sooo excited to watch the rally coverage tonight!!



His response:


Will the real "Speed1" Please stand up....................It is me. Thanks
for your free marketing research. I know it is hard for people to
understand but at times what is best for the network and in this case WRC,
may be different than what is best for the hard core fans. That seems and
sounds contradictory, but it may prove true in this case. If not, we will
do something about it.


My response:


I am excited to find out how the new coverage rates. Is there a particular
place where I should keep my ear to the ground to learn that information
when it becomes available?

Don't let the mouthy, pouty members of the message board get to you. I'd
hate to see you stop participating, especially due to the uncontrolled (and
unnecessary) outbursts of a few. As with any cross-section of people, there
are those who know how to conduct themselves and there are others who don't
appreciate the merits of respect.

I've intentionally and successfully avoided finding out the results of the
rally so that I can feel the excitement tonight. I feel like thanking you
and the network for carrying WRC at all. It's fantastic to have a passion
for something that, a couple years ago, I didn't even know existed.



His response:


We will post numbers on General and or WRC boards.

Thanks again for your support. As a reward for your time, did we send you a
Speed shirt or anything. If not, send me your address and size.


So that's fun. :-)

Cinna-stix from Papa John's can double as breakfast the next day - they're basically the same thing as a cinnamon roll. mmmmm.

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