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I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

I can't believe how much I already dislike this job. It's so monotonous, and the environment is horrible. It's all corporate and status reports and people who make me sad. They make me sad because they're like my age but they're already enveloped in this mindset of pleasing "the man" and moving up the corporate ladder. They don't see themselves the way I see them: imprisoned. Imprisoned in their tiny cells, with their computers, always watching their back for some political bullshit.

I could be reading all this into what I'm seeing, I could be interpreting the drab grey cubicles and stacks of boring books of tax laws wrong. Misinterpreting the fact that I'm on a temporary computer which is much better than the one I'll be given later, the fact that I'm at a temporary desk, the fact that I'm being paid dick. But it's just the vibe I'm getting. I'm feeling a very "CYA" attitude happening.

Tandra and I took the morning off to have sex and bum around because neither of us felt like going in to work. We made up a story about her having 2 flat tires and me having to help her and stuff. I felt guilty, but not guilty enough to go in. I don't owe this place the least amount of respect or loyalty, but I think I owe it to my work ethic to behave a little more responsibly.

On the brighter side of things, Tandra and I are getting on famously, as you might have noticed. Things seem good at the moment. Also, and this is extremely cool, there is a possibility of a web design position opening up for me. I shouldn't talk much about it at the moment. It would be part time, but working 20 hours at that job (which I would love) I would make the same money as if I worked 40 hours here (which I hate). Doesn't seem like too difficult of a decision. I'm waiting for the phone call to confirm this, so we'll see how that goes.

Am I the only person left who still watches Survivor?

We were sitting at Applebee's earlier when this couple walked in. The following conversation ensued:
Tandra: "He looks like a date rapist."
Me: "Oh, I know that guy. He is."
Tandra: "And you know that because he took you out on a date, and raped you."
Me: "Right! How'd you know? Did he rape you too?"
Tandra: "No. He only likes boys. She always wants to have sex and he doesn't. So she hits him."

I know it's not correct to make fun of rape or abuse or any of that crap, but the conversation was damn funny. It was ok because it was made up. When Tandra said "she hits him" I just busted up. It was fun.

That will be all, you may go now.

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