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where to begin

This weekend we went to Kansas City to hang out in Westport and see Orbital. Of COURSE it was freaking awesome, except for the treble being cranked up way too high. The new version of the Dr. Who theme song is just cool as shit, and the light show for that song blew me away. I love that stuff. We had a hotel that was right in Westport so we got to hang out and just walk back there. That was fun.

Today I bought a cable modem!!!! I'm so HAPPY! I'm finally back into the world of broadband. Back to the 21st century, finally. Good stuff. Now all I need is a printer and a cd-burner.

I blew off work today (again) because I just couldn't bring myself to go in. I hate it that much. On the bright side, the web design position I was talking about earlier came through today. I start that Monday. That will free up 20 hours a week, so I'm also applying to be a tech at National Computer Resource, fixing computers, installing hardware, that sort of thing. I bet I could learn a ton doing that.

I'm scared as hell to even say this because of how much crap I'm probably going to get about it, but I'm thinking about getting a place with Tandra. The scary part of that is that it doesn't scare me like I thought it would.

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