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I woke up this morning, as I do most mornings... and it is snowing. I take back everything I said yesterday about being ready for warm weather. Cold weather is still okay if it snows.

Unfortunately, it's not sticking to pavement yet. I hope for that to happen later today. Still, I managed to whip my car into a 100 degree slide to line up with my parking spot at work, since there was a layer of slush on the parking lot. My car may have a slushbox and horribly floaty suspension, but dammit, it's got an e-brake!
X10 stuff:
In my house I've got a ceiling fan that I want to replace. Problem is, it's got no wall switch associated with it. It's operated by pull-chain only. And I don't want a ceiling fan. I want a nice light fixture there. So I'm learning about X10. Yes, that's the wireless technology that is famous for maybe having more annoying pop-up ads than anyone else, and usually they appear to be for mini wireless cameras that you can install in some chick's bathroom if you want to spy on her. But X10 actually is a pretty cool technology. Using remote controls (some of which can masquerade as a wall switch) you send an RF signal to a transceiver that is plugged into the wall. That transceiver then translates the instruction into a signal which gets broadcast over your home's existing wiring. It uses your house wiring as a network cable. Then whatever devices you have plugged in around the house that are listening will respond if the command is addressed to them.

What this will allow me to do is twofold so far. First, I can install an inline receiver/switch module into the ceiling and wire it to the new ceiling fixture. Then I can install a wall switch/remote. Voila - without ripping the wall open or installing any wiring, I magically have a wall switch that controls the light fixture on the ceiling. Fantastic. Secondly, I can plug all the accessory lamps around the living room into the system and put them on the same channel. Then I can use another switch to turn them all off and on at the same time, rather than having to walk around the room and do them all individually. Pretty cool.

Of course, X10 goes much farther than that. There are timers available that can turn lights on before you get home at night or start your coffee brewing before you wake up. There are motion detectors that can turn on all the lights in the house if you're asleep and they detect motion. There is even computer software that allows you to automate anything you hook up. You can even dial in with your cell phone or use the internet to connect from your job and turn things on and off. And the best part is, it's modular. You only buy what you need. It's pretty cool. Jetsons shit.
It's going to be so hard for me to wait 8 more days to give Tandra her Valentine's day gift. It is so kickass. Better than a digital camera.

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