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I've got a few different posts to make today. First...

In order for you to really understand the significance of this, I have to give you a little bit of background information.

Recently Tandra did a project in which she was supposed to talk about herself and her own personal culture. She wound up with stacks of photos that fell into categories - My music, My art, My family, My heroes, and so on. Well, Tori Amos ended up in the My Heroes category, not My music. Tandra has studied Tori's life and not only does Tandra appreciate her music, she admires Tori for everything she's done in her life.

Tandra's also told me on many occasions that seeing Tori live is at the top of her list of things to do before she dies. So, of course, I got her two tickets to the Tori Amos concert in Kansas City on March 22nd. I also gave her Tori's new CD. I gave her the CD first thing in the morning, and I gave her the concert tickets over dinner.

The presentation was pretty good too. I was building it up to her all week and telling her how great it was. So I took her out to dinner Friday night and when we were seated, I reached up and unscrewed the light bulb above us and pulled out two small candles I'd brought from home and lit them. Then I handed her the printed confirmation of the hotel reservation I'd made. Then I handed her a printed description of the Midland Theater, which is where the concert is. Then I handed her a printed seating chart with our seats circled (they are pretty good seats). Now at this point I had planned to give her a Valentine's Day card with the two tickets inside it, but the tickets hadn't arrived yet so I had to give her the printed confirmation of that as well. I'm pretty sure it had the same effect. She jumped up and ran around the table and planted herself on me and hugged me and tried not to cry. I actually wanted her to cry, just because I wanted it to mean that much to her, but she wouldn't let herself because her makeup looked too good. So, complete success.

She had actually guessed at one point that it was a road trip and maybe a concert but she had no idea who it was.

More later... I'll post pictures from the past week.

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