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Over the three-day weekend there were 351 new entries on my friends page. 81 of them were from friends, 270 from communities.

I bought a telephoto lens yesterday - 80-210mm with a 2x converter, meaning my max focal range is now 420mm. That's a hell of a lot of zoom. I'm pleased. I now have to master high-speed photography as any movement of the camera is terribly magnified with a zoom lens and my hands are relatively shaky.

I also ordered my cable release Sunday so that should arrive this week.

I'm concentrating on nailing technical things about photography right now. After I have a feel for that I'll move on to composition.

Remember how I said I'd replaced the light in the living room and put in an X10 switch? Well I don't have a photo of the switch, but here are before and after photos



Of course our wallpaper is still horrid since we haven't gotten that done yet.

Stay tuned for a barrage of photo posts this afternoon.
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