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Last night was OC with Kinsey, Miah, Bruce, Martha, Dion, and Tandra. :-) Fun times. I only had one beer though due to a) last week's incident of sliding into an intersection and learning how much stopping power my car really lacks, and b) the fact that we were going out taking pictures again.

Miah and I were out for about three hours or so taking various shots around town. Of course I'll post them when they get developed. This time I took detailed notes on each shot, noting aperture and exposure times so I can learn what works best. This will be very beneficial, I think. I only averaged about ten shots per hour because I spent so much time setting them up, taking notes, being anal about switching lenses, carrying stuff around, and whatnot, but it was fun. It was a good night.

Then last night I had a really crappy dream.

Jimmy Fallon is funny and seems like a nice guy on TV, but in my dream he was not cool at all. He and some other "bad guys" convinced me to go with them to kill Jeremi (piper11521). Now of course I wouldn't agree to this because I like Jeremi, but for some reason in my dream I did. I didn't like the idea, but they used some form of coercion. I don't remember what it was.

He was in some building that was highly populated and so we devised some elaborate plan to go in commando-style and isolate him from everyone else. There were about eight guys in on this plan, so Jeremi must have really pissed someone off. These people gave me a Colt 45 revolver (or some other kind of revolver) which I put in the inside pocket of my coat.

Finally the time came to go do this. It was nighttime, maybe 9:00 or so. There were two carloads of us. When we got there, I could see up into the second story windows and I saw a bunch of people all running towards one corner. Apparently we were late and the other team was already there and had started the operation. Everyone else from my car ran into the building but I didn't. My gut instinct screamed at me and I listened. I thought about Jeremi and the fact that I like him and I thought "what the hell am I doing? I don't need this on my record" and so I ran. I ran on foot. I ran as fast as I could because I knew that if the other guys on that team saw me running, they would kill me. After all, I knew all the details of the plan and I knew who all of them were. I could be very incriminating.

However, I felt so horrible that I'd even agreed to it in the first place that in my dream, I was afraid that legally I was just as guilty as if I'd gone in there and pulled the trigger myself. So I was running from the bad guys a little bit, but running from the police a LOT. I ran for what seemed like hours. I hid behind hedges and in random buildings. I was completely alone; there was no one I could go to because they would all tell me to turn myself in or turn me in themselves.

...then I woke up. I was relieved to discover that it was actually a dream and I was safe at home instead of on the loose running from the cops with no one to help me. I pulled Tandra close and went back to sleep...

Now I'm still running and I'm in Chicago. I called anabug who came and picked me up in her Peugeot 206. Not the rally car for those of you who wonder - just the street version. You know, the one they don't sell in the States. Why I couldn't call anyone in Wichita but I could call her is beyond me. It's a dream. So she drives me around for a while. We cross a bridge over the Chicago River which is much bigger than it should have been. It's completely covered in huge floating shards of ice which are slowly flowing down river, almost like a glacier would look if it moved faster. I remember commenting on how beautiful it was. With all that heavy ice flowing down river I don't know why the bridge didn't collapse, but it didn't. Next thing I know I'm dropped off at some airport. There were all kinds of fantastic airplanes taking off - P-38 Lightnings with jet engines instead of turboprops, weird futuristic concept planes that seemed to almost be able to hover, planes that consisted of one huge jet engine over the fuselage that took up the entire length of the plane.... really weird stuff. I could hear and feel the thunderous roar as these planes took off.

..then I woke up again. Same feelings and I snuggled up to Tandra again...

Now I'm in trouble. I've been caught and detained in the same place as all the rest of the bad guys, who have also been caught. I walk into some kind of day room which is apparently just behind the courtroom in which the trial is about to start. I'm scared because I think these guys are going to jump me and kick my ass as soon as I walk in, but that doesn't happen. In fact, they all ignore me except for Jimmy Fallon who makes some snide remark that was probably meant to make me feel disloyal or something.

At the trial, I felt so horribly guilty, even though I'd run away and not done anything. Jeremi's mother spoke and was all hysterically crying and stuff. Lots of other people who knew or loved him talked about what a good guy he was. I felt so sad that he was gone. It sucked.

...then I woke up 20 minutes after I was supposed to be at work, with Lisa Loeb stuck in my head.

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