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you know what sucks?

What sucks is when you go out to go take pictures of cars sliding sideways in the snow in parking lots but you decide to go have breakfast first but when you're on the way to get breakfast your car dies because the bolt holding the battery cable to the battery isn't long enough and it keeps shorting and making the car die so you manage to limp the car back to Miah's and get in his car and then on the way to breakfast when you're not even screwing around or anything you get in a wreck and total Miah's car.

What sucks is when some nosy motherfucker who wasn't even involved in the accident wants to run his mouth and tells the cop that Miah was going too fast for conditions even though he wasn't and Miah winds up getting a ticket out of the deal just because he slid into an intersection and whacked another car and even though no one was hurt.

What sucks is when that drains the enthusiasm out of everyone and makes you decide not to do the things you were going to do that day even though you wound up cutting a little of the plastic off the battery cable and fixing your car without any trouble because by this point everyone's discouraged and the snow we're having right now is slipperier than some ice I've driven on.

What sucks is when all my excitement about going out and driving slideways gets completely fucked over because the snow is so slippery that even I'm a little nervous about playing on it and in the places where it's not too slippery that's only because it's too deep, and this is the worst blizzard we've had here in years and everything is closed and cancelled tonight and tomorrow.

What sucks is when even though the weather is shit, we have to go drive about 30 miles which will take two hours and go pick up the kids because Cody's broke loser punk bitch ass can't keep a fucking car running for more than two days at a time and we have to go pick up the kids and since everything is closed and cancelled tomorrow we get to spend the entire day doing the most stressful thing I can think of which is chasing those crazy kids around while they make a complete disaster area out of the house which distracts and prevents us from getting any other thing done and makes me wish they would hurry up and grow older so they could take care of themselves.

What sucks is that I'm about to go balance my checkbook for the last two months and try to file my taxes to see how much I owe.

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