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my life is insane.

First I'll tell you about Sunday. Miah and I were supposed to go to Ark City to ride the mountain bike trail there. This ended up happening, but it was about 5 hours later than we planned. Saturday night and Sunday morning Tandra and I fought again. It was about me not giving her enough time. She basically said that she wanted me to be available every time she had free time. I explained to her that this was not going to happen and if she continued to expect it, I would be gone. It was a tough time, and a lot more went into the disagreement than I'm going to write about. Suffice it to say that she came to her senses, we reached a truce and everything is back to normal now. I truly believe that we just need to continue to learn one another.

This is relevant because while Miah and I were at his parents house getting some camera equipment, I was on the phone with Tandra. I was distracted and locked my keys in the trunk. Do you have any idea how maddening this is? Well, 4 hours and two locksmiths later, I paid a punkass kid $70 to demolish the lock to my trunk. It now opens with a screwdriver, but not the key. Nice. By the time we left town it was 3:00 and Miah's father Bruce went with us. This is good because we took his truck and could put the bikes in the back. He hasn't reset the clock in his truck, but that's alright.

So we got down there, got some riding done, saw about 5 bald eagles, got some photos taken, and got chewed by mosquitos. Because the day was cut short, we decided to go back Monday afternoon as well. So we did, and we left town at 4. Had I put some thought into it, I would have realized that 4 is not the same time we left Sunday. 4 is what time Bruce's truck clock *said* we left on Monday. By the time we got there this time, we came around the first corner of the trail just in time to watch the sun set below the horizon. Talk about frustrating. So we came back and had dinner.

On the way back into town I got a phone call with the most bizarre and unexpected news I could have imagined. You need background information first though.

Miah is my best friend. Matt is a very very close friend of his. Matt's wife, Ruthann, is someone I was friends with before and during high school, but for the past 5 to 6 years has hated me with a psychotic flaming passion from hell. I won't go into the reasons for all this, but I am of the opinion that her hatred of me is quite misguided. She's projecting her animosity towards a certain someone else in her past onto me because I was in a situation somewhat similar to her own. Anyhow, in the last 5 years, I've grown comfortable with this paradigm in my mind - that she hates me, and that although it hurts me, I laugh about it because she's so closed-minded, and that's unfortunate. Anyhow, the news was that she suddenly wants to talk to me and hopefully make everything comfortable. I feel that this is a somewhat dangerous situation for me. I don't trust her motives, and she's talked enough shit on me in the past to make me not particularly amenable. On the other hand, I'm deathly curious to find out what it is she wants to say to me. I have gotten opinions from two people whose opinions are diametrically opposed. One says that I should be friends with her in order to make things more comfortable for Matt. Matt and I like to hang out, but she (up until now) has been less than pleased with him when he hangs out with me. Being friends with her would theoretically eliminate that friction. The other point of view is that she's doing this just to get a reaction out of Matt. In the past she's been very manipulative. She's actually one of the very few persons on this Earth for whom I have reserved the c word. I'm going to talk to her, but she's got some 'splainin to do.
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