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Right, so I owe the government $54 dollars. I guess it could be worse.

I came to work today because I have a work ethic. I don't think my boss is here yet. That's rare - he's a big ol work ethic freak and gets his panties all bunched up if I'm late or if he thinks my excuse for staying home wasn't good enough.

I don't have school tonight so that's a bonus.

I was talking about Kosher salt earlier and now I want to cook something that I can put Kosher salt on. It's good.

I woke up with residual annoyance from yesterday. That almost never happens to me. I can usually wake up and it's a brand new day and I can forget about everything from the day before, but for some reason, that didn't happen today. Well, not entirely. It's diminished, just not gone.
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