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lots of stuff

Last weekend, Thursday the 8th to be exact, Shea and I went up to Kansas City because he had a gig. It was tons-o-fun. We rented a 2002 Ford Exploder which was SWEET. I got back and driving my car sucked. He played a freaking awesome set to exactly seven people, none of whom were on the dance floor. The early time slot sucks. It was still a fun trip though. I was a roadie for a day, sort of. He also made an allusion to wanting someone, maybe me, to join him. How much ass would THAT kick? I hope I can make it a priority. I really should. It's a dream for me, and I could learn a ton from him about making music.

Let's see... what else is going on? The job's going well, I dig working for Troy, as usual. Working out of an office in the second bedroom of my friend's home is cool. I pointed out to him that he sold another site modification while barefoot and feeding his dog. That's cool.

Tandra made a girl in her psychology class cry and run out of the room today. I think that's hilarious. I mean, it sounds mean and stuff, but this girl had been sitting in the back of the class for like three or four weeks talking shit on everyone in that 'under her breath but everyone can still hear it' tone of voice. She laughed or made a comment every time someone said something or tried to participate in class.

My girlfriend is cool.

Umm, what else...I feel like I'm forgetting something important, but I can't remember what it is.

OH YEAH! Ruthann! So she and I had a conversation at the Riverside Perk yesterday evening. She told me her side of the story for the last six years, and I told her mine. We ended up by deciding to be civil and hope that it progresses from there. This is still messing with my head quite a bit, but I did what I felt like I had to do. For once, I threw out the opinions of everyone else and did what I felt was right. I feel good about it.

(I love this song)

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