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There's this coffee shop here in town, it's in the Riverside Park area and it's called the Riverside Perk. People just call it the Perk. It's not stolen from the Central Perk from Friends because the place has been around since before Friends was ever on.

Anyway, last week a friend of mine, brontosaur, was talking about how much she liked the place and we decided to have an LJ meetup there. Cool, right?

Apparently not. This bitch named Erica, or hellkitton, is apparently a manager there. She actually posted a response to brontosaur's entry about having a gathering there saying something like "um, how about not. I'm tired of cleaning up after customers who are pigs and whatnot." That's a paraphrase, but you get the idea.

This is not the first time she has talked shit to one of my friends.

Follow that with a post she made about how much she hates her job and didn't want to go to work that night and everything - bitching about customers and saying things like "I'm not making threats but this is why you shouldn't fuck with people who handle your food." This is one of those little snatches whose parents buy them everything and who thinks she's better than everyone. Only, she's 24 and working at a coffee shop. I guess because the job is trendy and pretentious like she is, since she obviously doesn't need the money. (It would be beneath her to *need* money.)

So of course we all went anyway, and what do you know, she didn't make it to work that night. Too bad. And now, that certain post which probably could have jeopardized her position isn't there anymore. Good thing I printed a copy.

Um, Saturday night at 2:10 in the morning my brother called. We hadn't heard from him for about 50 days, since his ship left Norfolk, VA. He's gone across the Atlantic, through the Mediterranean, through the Suez Canal and the Red Sea and is now in the Persian Gulf. Specifically, he's ported at an island nation called Bahrain where we have a base. It's between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Interesting. It was good to hear from him. He has pictures of the Navy's Attack helicopters and the other equipment and things they were ferrying over to Kuwait City.

Speaking of which, fuck the Turkish Parliament. I thought the way was cleared for us to stage troops over there, but apparently the vote was three votes shy to allow that. Of course when that news got out, their stock market plunged as they stood to receive something like $15 million in loans and aid and other monies in return for allowing us to use their land as a staging area. Maybe they'll change their minds.

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