June 22nd, 2001

gonna get funked up

So my friend is sort of seeing this girl, but not really. I guess you could call her his pseudo-girlfriend. She might not agree, but that's not the point. The point is, the two of them were supposed to set me up with one of her friends to go to the George Clinton concert with Saturday night. Well that fell through and now I have an extra ticket to the concert and rougly 30 hours to fill that slot or see my extra 13 bucks go in the crapper. Everyone I ask has a boyfriend or something. Isn't getting funked up all by yourself a sign that you need help? Isn't that one of the symptoms on the commercial? Maybe I need a 12-step program.
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Eddie Izzard quotes

In the words of Albert Schweitzer, "I fancy you!"
May I be excused, I seem to have the plague.
Bye, we've left you a huge fuck-off horse! As per usual!
Je dois partir maintenant parce que ma grandmere est flambe.
Because guns don't kill people, it's just... that certain noise they make.
I... have invented a manouvre.
They're different to osteopaths, chiropractors, because of the spelling.
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weird mood

Over lunch I was able to shower all my morning funk away (refreshed) and it's a beautiful day outside (invigorated). I'm going to see George Clinton tomorrow (excited) but I was supposed to go with a date and it fell through (disappointed) so I have an extra ticket and I have not been able to score a date (rejected) but I don't really care (indifferent) except that really I do (ambivalent) and my ex is going to be there (anxious) with her new unfortunate victim (hurt) but tonight I'm going to see the fast and the furious with Miah and Jess (excited) except that I just heard it sucked (unsure) but then after that I'm having beers with Tim (relieved).

Color all that with my eternal optimism and you get the odd mood I'm in.
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