August 3rd, 2001

I love my job

Today has been such a riot. First, let me tell you about the tracking system. We have a FoxPro Database that everyone can access which we use to track our accounts. Evidently, and I didn't know this before today, it has the ability to send instant messages between users. Apparently a lot of the people who work here have been using it under the assumption that it was safe and secure. Today the information surfaced that not only is each and every message logged, but anyone can go back and read them. I spent the better part of the morning browsing all the instant messages. Believe me, that's entertaining.

Then they had Sub sandwiches delivered for lunch, so lunch was free. Then after that we got into a rubber band war, and not with these little rubber bands. The big heavy duty ones. We're all running around, dodging each other, heads popping up above cubicle walls and disappearing back down again. I popped Bradley in the eye but he nailed me in the mouth, I'm gonna have a welt. hehehe.

Then Brett and I attempted to play Mini-golf against each other until my browser locked up.

Now I'm chatting with dad again who's in Spain. What fun! I love my job.
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