August 10th, 2001

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When love screams
and sadness heaves
like a stormy sea
she will rip the dress away
her delicate, smooth skin beneath me
these fingers would have her whisper and
pant and
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for Heather

In my heart there is a graveyard.
The part of my heart that you held
Died with you.
My memories are the tombstone
That reminds me
How you shined.
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    Mazzy Star - Into Dust


There are moments that I live for. Moments that keep me going. Moments of stillness, silence, tranquility. Moments of clear undistracted thought. Moments of introspection and contemplation.

Those moments are the only times I feel I can really discern the truth. I'm not talking about the mundane aspects that only clutter our daily lives; they only obscure the real truth. I'm talking about knowing for certain what things in life are truly important.

I haven't had one of those moments in a while.
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