September 1st, 2001

(no subject)

Yeah, so here I am at my parents, fulfilling the holiday weekend obligations of hanging out with the fam. So that's fun. My dad's cousin is here. He's cool but he never stops talking, and he's kind of weird. I'm taking refuge in the computer room while they all play canasta. I want to go home already, but that would be rude. Odd how it's considered discourteous for me to leave, but to board myself up here in the study is perfectly acceptable.

I'm having doubts about my relationship with Tandra. I don't know if I should be mixed up in this. I think she wants too much from me. More than I'm ready to get involved with right now. I'm not sure; I haven't decided yet. I'm just observing at this point.

I've found a few companies I want to work for. I don't know that they are hiring, but I can always try to convince them that I'm indispensable. I guess.

Have at least a mediocre holiday weekend.