October 17th, 2001

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So ok, the new job kind of sucks so far. I'm assuming it will be better the more I get my hands around what we're doing, but at this point it appears that it's going to be boring and monotonous. My first day impression of the environment is: corporate, political, procedural, drab. Very Office Space. Not the sort of environment in which I thrive. We'll see though. Like I said, it's only the first day.
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I'd forgotten just how much I love this CD. REM's Automatic for the People. Maybe it's just the time of my life that I was listening to it (93 or 94, Junior and Senior year in High School), but it seems like so many songs on this CD sound so....meaningful. It's like, they're so important. They deserve to be listened to. Particularly this one and Nightswimming. I like the state of mind that they evoke in me.
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I found something worse than public restrooms

and that's busy public restrooms at a new and unfamiliar place. The door to the bathroom sounds like a fart being ripped, and the air fresheners smell of cinnamon. I hate cinnamon.

Let's see, what else.... oh yeah, so far today the guy who hired me (who I don't think is technically my boss but I'm not sure) has told me that I'm a peeon, and that I'll get my own network login when I'm not considered to be lower than dirt. He was kidding, in his arrogant way, the way that makes me want to punch him in the face, but the point remains that he said that stuff, and I think he believed it.

I'm having so much fun here!

aw :-)

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>"got her tangled in his arms she's a lusting trusting fool "no man born can
>rule me, that I've sworn but stranger if you do, I'll belong to you""
>-Natalie Merchant