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December 24th, 2001

I like this idea!

recommend to me:
1. a movie
2. a book
3. a word
4. a cd
5. a lj user not on my list

Yes, I'm swiping another questionnaire

what are the top 12 actual physical things that, when introduced into your life, changed the course of your life?

1) Enya's music - it's on a cd so that counts
2) My father's 12 gauge
3) My Mountain Bike
4) My father's computer
5) My first car
6) Playstation
7) Gran Turismo
8) Beer
9) Sex
10) Wellbutrin
11) Simon & Garfukel records
12) Digital Cable TV


I'm in a fabulous mood! My nose is all stuffy, but whatever. It's Christmas Eve Day! Heheheh. Tonight Tandra and I open gifts with her kids, tomorrow she and I hit the road to go to South Dakota to see my extended family. I'm essited! :-)