April 4th, 2002

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The top third of my head is throbbing. Everything is too bright, too loud, moves too fast. I'm shaky. My balance isn't quite up to its usual fantastic level of performance.

And I'M at WORK! JESUS! What's wrong with me? I FEEL LIKE ASS!

Remind me not to drink that much on Wednesdays anymore. I'm not drinking that much on Wednesdays anymore.

And, I get to pick up the kids and take them home and watch them after work until 9! Yep, no nap for Josh! I'm sure I'll feel a bit better by then though.

I don't want to be here.

When I'm hung over like this it means that I had drunk sleep last night, not restful sleep. As such, I am fatigued, which is what brings on my premature atrial contractions, or my arrhythmatic heart condition. I want a Dr. Pepper to help me wake up (I don't like coffee) but I don't want the caffeine to aggravate my heart. The condition isn't serious or threatening at all, just inconvenient.

Guess I'll drink it. I already bought it.

Our network is broken and my work e-mail is non-functioning.
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oh yeah!

And, I tried to install PCAnywhere on my computer at home yesterday, and totally hosed Win2k. It loads up in 640 x 480 resolution with 16 colors and the mouse and keyboard don't work. Safe mode does the same thing. Last Known Good does the same thing. I used the Win2k install cd to "Repair" it, and it didn't work. I have to re-install everything! Dammit!

At least I've got Win98 to fall back on to use to back up all my stuff. At least the drive's partitioned so I don't have to wipe everything. That was a good idea. But still, what a pain in the ass.

My computer says "Yep, you get to spend hours reconstructing what your dumb ass destroyed in thirty seconds!"


And, I installed it on my work computer (SAME OS, mind you) and it was beautiful. Go fig.
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