April 13th, 2002

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They finally downgraded my account from paid user status. I can't use the directory search now. blah.

Went to see Dragonfly last night. It was actually a pretty cool movie. I liked it.

Found out the people that own the house we live in are selling it. Great. Means we have to move again.

Good things about moving:
This house makes us sick. (Mold? Yeast? Carbon Monoxide? Humidity? Don't know why.)
Our living room has suddenly developed the smell of cat piss in the last couple weeks.
Temperature isn't very well regulated in the basement.
The walls are literally crumbling. Very slowly, but they are.
No dishwasher. (Well, me.)
Looking for a new place is fun.

Bad things about moving:
We pay a great price for the amount of space we have.
It has a washer and dryer with it for free.