April 14th, 2002

oh yeah

This morning, went way out of town to an amateur rocket launch. That was cool. One guy flew an M motor, that was neet. Miah flew a rocket that air-started twice and his flight was beautiful. Kicked three engine cases, but recovered the rocket in otherwise flyable condition. Well done.

Then Tandra and I took a picnic to the park and then rode our bikes around. So much fun, such a great day! :-)
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(no subject)

Yeah, so it's been 22 hours and still no response to my Will question. You guys suck.

Fine, if it's like that:

Chris Farley or Chris Kattan?

Bruce Willis or Bruce Lee?

Alicia Keys or Alicia Silverstone?

Christopher Walken or Christopher Robin?

I was going to post one a day because I thought this was a brilliant idea, but no, you suck, so I'm going to shoot my whole load right now.

Kind of like I did a couple minutes ago :-) >:-P