April 17th, 2002

blueberry instant oatmeal

Photoshop 6
Minute Maid cranberry-grape juice
spr websolution documentation
woke up this morning with the windows open again, and it was so humid it felt sticky and wet. It wasn't though, it wasn't dew. Just humid. Felt nice though, it's nice outside.
egg-shaped computer speakers
a hand-carved bald eagle made of Mount Saint Helens volcanic ash that my dad brought me from Seattle years ago
an empty business card holder (hurry up already with my cards)
it's only Wednesday
itchy eyes
beer night
making a list of houses to drive by tomorrow evening to see if we want to visit them this weekend
my brother's coming over Sunday afternoon to play video games with me since he's going away to the Navy in 6-ish weeks
shitty piped jazz music...elevator jazz
going to get Spinner now, bye
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