April 29th, 2002

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I just haven't felt like posting lately at all.

Friday I finished writing the page that checks the inventory of the item you specify. Then I promptly deleted it (in an unrecoverable fashion, of course) so I had to code like a madman for two hours to get it back before leaving for the day.

Saturday we went driving around looking at houses. Found one that is really cute. I have concerns over whether we can afford it.

Sunday I hung out with Miah. We played GTA3 (I guess everyone in the world now has that game) and went to IHOP. Then I came home and we went over to have a look at the inside of the cute place. It's not big enough but it has a skylight over the master bed and a big wooden deck which also functions as a carport. We applied and put a refundable deposit on it even though I'm not convinced we can afford it. I'm SO FUCKING TIRED of CONSTANTLY having to worry about money. My entire life it's been that way.

I guess I should read the book Sally lent me.

ok, two interesting things to post about

Number one:
Damn is it nice outside.

Number two:
I have this poster up in my office:

Tandra commented at one point that it's subtle enough that some people may not realize it's a slam.
Just now a woman I work with studied it for a moment and said "That is definitely me." I found it humorous.