May 8th, 2002

it's Wednesday

I bought Tandra new glasses. She looks REALLY cute in them.

Miah, can I borrow your camera? The Nikon you showed me?

Wednesdays are making me mad this year. See, last year one day in early spring Miah and I were out riding out on the east side of town, at the mall. We decided to stop in at Old Chicago on the patio for a beer. This became a tradition, for us to ride to OC every Wednesday. It's sort of shifted to being more about OC and less about riding, but hopefully we can shift back now that the weather's warming up.

Oh, wait, I forgot, the weather isn't cooperating at all! Since like early March, almost every weekend has been nice and ALWAYS by Wednesday it's cold or rainy or shitty! It's making me mad! Last week we said "fuck it" and rode anyway, and by the time we were done it was 45 degrees! Tonight they're predicting more thunderstorms!



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