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May 10th, 2002

At my work in the break room they have styrofoam bowls, plastic spoons, and hot water. This means that at my desk I can keep instant oatmeal. I can skip eating at home and eat here which saves me time. Neato.

I've discovered that I love instant grits. Even the cheese and bacon flavors.

Today I'm listening to this:


It's time for the River Festival! I love the River Fest. Tonight is the parade and the laser light show. I hope I can get a ton of biking in this week. I'm going to blow off most of the world (as much as I can get away with) and ride a bunch. With Miah. And Tandra, I hope.
So, have you ever heard of the Truth Trucks?

Keep your eyes on this journal. Before the week is out I will have photographs of it. Of it being egged by me. And hopefully of it being pelted with paintballs, also by me.