May 13th, 2002


Five hours of sleep followed immediately by eight hours of work followed immediately by [some unknown number] hours of riding!

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OOh, and I think my tags expired at the end of last month. Good thing I FINALLY got my insurance card in the mail so I can go pay that over lunch. Good times.


This is fucking retarded. I'm going to have to switch insurance companies back to my old one. F this.

Ok, so I paid the insurance policy on the 11th of April, right? "Here, carry this application and receipt around until you get your card in the mail, it's your temporary proof of insurance." All well and good, until you consider the following:

I received my proof of insurance card on Friday the 10th. It was postmarked May 7th. THE FUCKING THING EXPIRES TODAY, THE 13TH. WTF??? Hey, I have an idea. Let's send him his policy and proof of insurance AND his next bill JUST IN TIME for it to expire! No lead time or anything, wouldn't want that.

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oh, and while I'm ranting, Tandra's father saw that goddamned "Truth Truck" again Saturday morning. Evidently it appears at the heavily attended events, which is why we didn't run into it while actually stalking it last night.

*rubbing my hands together menacingly*
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