May 17th, 2002

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So I woke up this morning at the official Boeing time of 7:47. Maybe if I had walked out the door at that time, I might have made it to work on time. But no, here I am 25 minutes late. Again.

Every day on my way to work I pass these two people. It's a kid and his mom. The kid looks to be maybe six or seven, he's always wearing a backpack and has light blonde hair. I suppose he's waiting on a school bus or some other ride to wherever he's going. What interests me though is that this kid's mom is always so loving. She's always hugging him or smiling at him and talking or something like that, and she's out there with him waiting every single day. They live in a small complex of what I'm guessing are tiny little one-bedroom apartments, in the middle of the commercial district of downtown. Probably not a very nice place to live. It makes me wonder about them, about their lives. I wonder about her struggles and what she does to put food on the table. I picture her sheltering her son from knowing how hard her life really is and working to just make him happy. I picture her doing the best she can with what she's got. It kind of makes me feel good inside to see her being so loving to him. You can tell it's genuine. You can tell that she hasn't let life get her down or make her bitter or angry. I admire that.
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A lego version of me! With a beer and an LJ t-shirt!

If there really were LJ t-shirts, I'd buy one. Maybe you should get one for buying a one-year paid subscription.

Props to pastorofmuppets, I jacked this from him who jacked it from spearweasel who got it from here.
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I just coded like a madman today. I wrote the entire page that allows you to schedule when an article will show up on our website. It's 492 lines of code I wrote, all today. That page didn't exist when I came in this morning, and now it's running flawlessly. I rock.

Now all I have to do is change the front page so that it actually uses this information.
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