June 4th, 2002

weekend update, with jimmy fallon and tina fey

weekend in a nutshell

  • Thursday night after work - moved for nine hours.

  • Friday all day (hottest day of the year so far, of course) moved all day.

  • Friday night, moved some more when it cooled off.

  • Saturday (hottest day of the year so far) moved all day again.

  • Saturday night, got engaged

  • Sunday (hottest day of the year so far) moved most of the day

  • Monday, hung out at home waiting ALL DAY LONG for the people to come fix the blinds, the faucet, put up the shower curtain rod, and DAMMIT, TURN ON THE GAS SO I CAN SHOWER!

  • Tuesday, the day I go back to work, it's no longer murderously hot. how the hell does that work??
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Jon ALWAYS cracks my shit up

xxxxxxxx (10:26:35 AM): what up?
BsyChld424 (10:26:46 AM): nothing I GOT ENGAGED
xxxxxxxx (10:26:58 AM): say what?
BsyChld424 (10:27:03 AM): :-D
xxxxxxxx (10:27:09 AM): congratulations
xxxxxxxx (10:27:12 AM): !
BsyChld424 (10:27:32 AM): thanks :-)
xxxxxxxx (10:27:43 AM): no kidding. when?
BsyChld424 (10:28:07 AM): well, at this point we're looking at next fall (a year and a half from now) but that's subject to change
xxxxxxxx (10:28:42 AM): very cool
BsyChld424 (10:28:48 AM): :-)
BsyChld424 (10:28:59 AM): I thought I'd be all nervous about it but I'm not
xxxxxxxx (10:29:22 AM): you've got 18 months to let the acid churn and eat you an ulcer. patience.
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    Dirty Vegas - Days Go By