June 20th, 2002

update from Chicago

Well, here I am. In the computer lab at the college where my conference is, since I couldn't get the modem to work at the hotel last night.

Observations from Chicago:

  • Went to Uno's for pizza. It was gooood.

  • They actually have a subway and an el-train here, and I really heard the subway sound coming from the grates in the sidewalk.

  • the el-train is freaking loud and screechy.

  • I love Wichita drivers. Everyone here, and I mean EVERY SINGLE DRIVER is either a frigging idiot, or selfish and inconsiderate. I haven't decided which yet.

  • traffic is horrendous during rush hour. freeways at a crawl, terrible congestion downtown.

  • the downtown area here is huge.

  • the Sears Tower is really tall.

  • There is more than one cab company, and people actually use them here.

  • I saw Union Station and a number of other buildings which have just grand and beautiful architecture.

  • I saw the Fifth Third Bank. (??)

  • I saw the rows of tall, narrow houses that you associate with San Francisco.

  • The City here looks like you see on TV, like Boston or NYC or, well, Chicago.

  • The suburbs here look like the City does in Wichita.

So I'm having fun. Wichita sucks. I'm not yet sold on Chicago though, I might like KC better still. We'll see how I feel after August when I come back up here and do all the touristy stuff.

I miss my baby!
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