June 27th, 2002

yes, the google game is fun.

They're all true!!
  • Josh is Seeing Double. Sometimes Josh sees double when he thinks too hard!

  • Josh is a JERK.mp3

  • Josh is the coolest(most arrogant)

  • Josh is the most beautiful man I've ever met.

  • Josh is Better than Travis - A Poem from the Dumped for Another...

  • Texas Flashers - So Josh is getting hitched...

  • Josh is losing weight and has occasional "fugues", or states where he seems not to know where he is.

  • Josh is a rock band.

  • Josh is a near-bald, overweight single who seems to have had just one affair with a woman

  • Josh is a hottie. Amber Johnson #1, Nov 17, 2000; josh is da bomb. ... Lindsay, Nov 29, 2000: josh is a babe.

  • josh is not the coolest but likes to think so

  • Josh is soooooo a brat.

  • (JOSH) is a new addition to the list of electronic journals available via internet.

  • Josh is the author of "The Nanotech Report", an in-depth study for which institutional investors and others paid nearly $5,000 per copy.

  • Josh is at the top of the gay tree.

  • Josh is going to Hell


  • That night Josh is attacked by a group of red eyed demonic Oblivion mutants as he is sleeping alone in his bed.

Really, they're all true.
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