July 1st, 2002

weekend update

Left work (hooray!)
Ran by a garage sale
Went home
Tandra took the car to her evening job
Played GT3
Tandra showed up
We went out to Augusta for her karaoke gig
I ditched her and went to my parents house (not very nice of me)
Then I went to Jenny's and played 80's Trivial Pursuit with her and Miah
Went back to Augusta to pick up Tandra
Went home and crashed late

Woke up at 7am
Drove around and pulled up all the garage sale signs
Went back home and slept till 1PM (hooray!)
Cleaned up the house some
Tandra went to the store
Played GT3
Kids arrived
Tandra arrived
Went to my parents house to hang out with my grandparents
Came home
Babysat a kid overnight

Woke up and took the garage sale stuff to the Goodwill
Dropped it off at the place that said "Unlawful to leave merchandise after hours"
Went back home
Cleaned the kitchen
Cleaned the basement
Cleaned the living room
Cleaned the bathroom
The house is now FINISHED (hooray!)
Tangled with a cactus (that was DUMB)
Cooked with Tandra (fried eggplant and pasta salad, yumm)
Miah came over
Played lots of GT3
Tandra went out with her friend
Got back late
We crashed

Good times.

Except, just don't fuck with cactii, ok? Especially the kind that give you millions of tiny little things like wood splinters only smaller and they STING. DAMMIT.
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why do you read my journal?

I've temporarily changed my journal settings so that anyone can respond to this, even if you don't have an LJ account.

Also this question does not apply to those of you who are my rl friends.

This goes out to all the LJ-people who read my journal, and even those of you who don't have LJs. Maybe I don't even know you exist or read my journal. Let me know, I want to hear from you.

Why do you read my journal? What is interesting about it? What sucks about it? Who are you?

If you don't have an LJ and you have to post Anon, please sign your name.
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