July 9th, 2002

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I'm not sure what the name of the color is of the shirt I'm wearing today. It's pretty though. It's a dark yellowy kind of *swoosh*. Also charcoal colored pants, black shoes, and white socks. This because all my black socks are in the laundry. This is unacceptable. I will be leaving here shortly to make an unapproved excursion to Wal-Mart to pick up some new black socks.

I'm up to six hours of sleep last night. Tonight we RIDE! Kevin's in town so that will be fun.

Tandra and I met on July 7th of last year and had our first date on the 9th. Fantastic, today's our one-year anniversary. Only, all week I've been thinking that TODAY was the 7th and THURSDAY was the 9th. So I made plans for Thursday, which turns out to be the 11th. *DOH* (dumbass) (cock-knocker)

Miah got me a 1/10th scale remote-controlled Ford Focus WRC. Much fun. He got the Impreza WRC. More fun. :-) I may have to take it with me tonight to play a little bit somewhere.

I haven't eaten breakfast yet and DAMN am I hungry. I want Instant Grits but the cruddy grocery store I went to yesterday morning because it was close and I was in a hurry didn't have them. I wonder what the chances are of a non-Super-Sized Wal-Mart having them. Hmmm.... only one way to find out! bye!
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