July 10th, 2002

what the hell is wrong with me

Okay, so it's a quarter after 7 in the morning and I'm at work. Worse, I've been here for 15 minutes. Worse yet, I've been up for an hour. F this. And no end in sight. It's too early to do ANYTHING except beat rush hour traffic.
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Jim Rome gets on a topic and says the SAME SHIT over and over and over again for ten minutes at a shot.
I like to listen to him talk about stuff but COME ON.... MOVE ON. SHORTEN THE SHOW by an HOUR if you have to.

Um, bonus, got to go to lunch with my baby scarletfirefly.

I am so tired. I am taking a nap after work. I feel like I could stretch and yawn all afternoon and not get it all out.

I collect Sam Adams bottles. I love Sam Adams. First, I found Cherry Wheat at Old Chicago. They used to serve it in a mug with a cherry. Loved that. So I said "hey, a good beer" and proceeded to check it out. Partied a lot back then, would wake up on Sunday mornings with empty bottles all over my apartment. Couple that with my curiosity leading me to buy every kind of Sam I could find, and my collection begins. I decided to keep one of every kind. Then I decided it would be better if they were full, unopened bottles. So I did that. I'm missing Spring Ale (I was not on the ball this spring) and Oktoberfest (I decided to get full bottles last winter). I think I have like fifteen. At Old Chicago they had a patio umbrella that was a Sam Adams umbrella. I wanted it badly. It's gone now. At the Chalet they have a Sam Adams wall sign that lights up. I want that too.

It's nice having a laundromat so close to home, but GODDAMN I wish we had our own set of washer & dryer. Best Buy I guess will have to issue me some credit. If I could get what I have paid down enough to go to Chicago next month that would be good. If I could pay all my bills, then I'd feel comfortable buying a washer and dryer. Time for that raise, I think.

Does anyone know anything about Pervasive databases or Btrieve? I need help. I don't know that crap.

7AM-3:30PM = 30 minutes for lunch = suckass.

Ok, please turn your cellphone ringer up loud, then leave it at your desk next to mine and leave. I don't mind. I like that your cubicle turns into a Nokia commercial every time someone calls you. FUCK that's annoying.

Every time I cough, there's a weird headachey pain in the upper right front part of my brain.

I hate Carrot Top. I want to punch his face.

I should be working on the damn presentation I have to make. Stupid presentation. F that.

no, F THIS: