July 11th, 2002

sounds like someone's got a case of the Thursdays

Last night
All day long the plan was to do laundry last night. We need to do laundry, really badly. So we get all our stuff together and sort it out and then Sleepers comes on. Tandra and I love that movie. We kept working, but only during the commercial breaks. We even loaded the laundry out into the car. 'We'll just do it after the movie', we decided, even though we both had to get up before 6AM (which by the way didn't happen). So FINALLY the movie ends, not at 10, but 10:30. Grand. So now if we do the laundry we'll be up until 12:30 or 1, probably. But, what can we do? I don't have anything to wear to work. We certainly can't do the laundry Thursday night because we have plans all evening.

So I go to the closet and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a winter shirt and corduroy pants. Well, it's only going to be 100 degrees tomorrow, what the hell. At least I'll be inside. And Friday is jeans day, so I'm covered there. Excellent. Laundry waits until Saturday.

This morning
Hey, brilliant, showered, got dressed, WOOPS, no underwear. That's right, it's all buried in clothes baskets in the back seat of the car. Fantastic. So I had to go WITHOUT while I dropped Tandra off and made another early morning run for underclothing to Wal-Mart. I am happy to report that I am now appropriately clothed, despite being seven dollars behind where I had planned on being. Fortunately this doesn't have a large enough impact to affect any of my plans.

From today's Wichita Eagle:
"You know it's a rare and special night in Wichita when the Kansas Coliseum can attract a sold-out crowd of more than 10,000 people for a concert."

Now granted, it was the Eagles, and granted, Joe Walsh is a hometown boy from right here in good old 'ta town, but come on. 10,000 people and the place is sold out? You know it's a sad and pathetic town when 10,000 people sell out the largest venue we have.

"The show, the single-highest grossing concert in the venue's history, drew a crowd of 10,451 fans and brought in $925,093. The previous one-night record was set by Luciano Pavarotti, the Italian tenor who performed in April and grossed $650,000. By comparison, Garth Brooks' 1997 visit to the Coliseum grossed $956,000 -- in five shows.

"It didn't hurt that members of Wednesday night's audience paid either $95.50 or $65.50 for their tickets."

What is that?? We've never had a show that grossed even one million dollars? Christ. And it gives you a sense of the abounding cultural diversity here that the Eagles grossed 142% of what Pavarotti grossed. PAVAROTTI.

That is all.
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