July 15th, 2002

damn cars

So my brakes are squeaky and pulse and make another odd noise, and I just had them done in February.
My car makes a strange rattly sound when it's idling.
My brake lights don't light up when you slow down.
And we might take my car to Chicago. Meaning I'd have to get all this fixed first. Fun times!

Colin McRae, rally race driver for Ford, won the rally of Kenya this weekend. This makes me very happy.

F working early, man. Of course, there was a time when I'd have said that about any job that started before noon.

I forgot to shave so I'm all scruffy.

I've been playing the shit out of SSX Tricky lately. It belongs to my brother and I'll have to give it back once he's out of boot camp. That game is fun.

I'm going to buy the WRC PS2 game from eBay, I think. Cheaper that way. yay!
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