July 29th, 2002

weekend update

Went home and bummed around for a while
Got dressed and went out to a club I was told I'd hate
Hated the place but had fun because of who I was with
Got home at 2AM
Fell asleep at 2:45AM thinking "how am I ever going to get up at 6"

7:15AM - Phone wakes me up with a text message, I was supposed to be at D's 15 minutes ago
Get dressed, grab cooler and frozen bottles of water, grab pop-tarts, bail out the door
Meet Miah and D
Head to Mid-America Dragway
Watch import cars (and Miah in his Saturn) drag race
Miah's 94 Saturn SL2 with a stock motor and 120,000 miles runs mid-16s
D's Sentra SER Spec V runs high 15s
Fastest car there ran low 12s
Hot, windy, sunny, sun block, sun burn anyway
Get home around 5
Basically slept till Sunday morning

Got up, ate breffiss, fed small children, left house
Met D and Miah to watch SCCA racing
Co-Drove with Miah (reading course notes and the whole deal, SUPER FUN)
Went home and bummed around
Had to go to Leah's to get our dog who was taken by her on vacation for the weekend
Watched three hours of Spooky Haunted vacation hotel destinations on the Travel Channel
Neighbor informs us that the inflatable pool has blown across the street, I recover and anchor it
Enjoyed a rare mid-summer thunderstorm
Thought about going to sleep
Had a long conversation
Went to sleep

Rushed to the grocery store to get instant grits and oatmeal since I had none here
Only supposed to get up to 88 today
Got too much to accomplish this week to be out two days in training
Got a dentist appointment tomorrow (YAY! Seriously!)
off to work...
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Crop circles

So I was watching TV last night and they were talking about mysteries and all sorts of things, and one of the "mysterious areas" they featured was southern England because of all the crop circles. Some of them were really cool and I was amazed to find how frequently they are reported.

Hoax or not, I think they are kinda cool and some of them are beautiful. So, starting today, you must tolerate the "crop circle of the day."

Today's crop circle, reported yesterday:

Avebury Stone Circle (2), near Avebury, Wiltshire Reported 28th July.
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