August 5th, 2002

weekend update

Power goes off, then on, then off, then on, then off as we attempt to make dinner
I drive around and see that the power is out for at least a half mile square around me
  • Old people standing outside Spears

  • Other people standing outside other businesses

  • people standing outside their houses on my street

  • Eight fire trucks outside JC Penneys (???)

  • No smoke

Wendy's for dinner
Did laundry at the Laundromat (Wonderful Friday night social activity)
Didn't have enough money to get the clothes dry (broke-ass)
Went home and hung clothes all over the house (white trash) ;-)

Slept in (woohoo!)
Went to Haysville to pick up kids (not woohoo)
Took kids to El Dorado lake and hop in to swim for an hour
Left kids with their grandparents (woohoo again!)
Went home and bummed around
Took skidmarksteve out for his birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Acted like an asshole and said mean things to my wonderful and tolerant fiancee (definitely not woohoo)
Apologized and went to sleep

Immediately felt bad for Saturday night
Woke up slowly (always nice)
Miah came over and we played video games and R/C cars for about four hours (good to see my boy and have someone to play with)
Tandra went and picked up Xandria but Nicodemus wanted to stay with his grandma. (This is fantastic because he is the one who always wakes up all early in the morning before we want to get up. This means only two days of early wakey-wakey this week!)
Tandra made a fantastic honey-mustard glazed chicken dish with potatoes au-gratin and garlic butter slathered green beans (thank you honey)
Sat around with girl and watched TV and relaxed, like a Sunday evening ought to be
Adult Swim is freakin funny, especially whatever it was last night that had Busta Rhymes.

I really hope some new crop circles show up soon. My idea was to post the most current circles, but I'm having to go back in time because no new ones have been posting. Crap on that.

Englishcombe, nr Bath, North Somerset. Reported 7th July.
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why, why, why??

So I am trying to apply my newly-acquired SQL skillz to this application I am writing, and my SQL knowledge is not cutting it for me. I have a query which has 3 nested subqueries within it. When I run it from inside Access, it returns the data I want. If I pull any one of the three subqueries and use ASP to run it individually, it returns the data I want. But when I use ASP to run the whole query, I gets nothin. Nada. Even the non-subquery values return null. I can't figure it out.
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