August 12th, 2002

that's the bad mood lj-pic

My fingertips smell like garlic.
I hate cheez-its type crackers.
Don't buy the Garlic Herb flavored Triscuits "just to see if they're good." They're not. They're potent.
Dogs are a pain in the ass.
I developed Acid Reflux while (and because of, I feel) in a particularly stressful and not terribly happy relationship.
I can't seem to type today.

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North Down (2), nr Beckhampton, Wiltshire. Reported 18th July.

more bitching - office people this time

Everyone has annoying people in their office, right? Sure. You know on Office Space, the lady who answers the phone, "Corporate Accounts Payable, Nina speaking. Just a moment!" Well, Regina is kind of like that only worse. Real worse. Let me count the ways:

1. She has a very clear voice which projects very well, which means everyone in the DEPARTMENT hears every word of every conversation she has.
2. She knows she has this projectile voice and uses that fact frequently.
3. She thinks phrases like "don't even go there" and "oh, you know it!" are witty, and uses them frequently. You know, the kind of "clever" stuff you see on keychains at Spencer's or t-shirts at Wal-Mart (five years ago).
4. She has this know-it-all vibe that emanates from her. She waddles around all annoying and gives off this vibe of "I know so much about what I'm doing that I'm entitled to act this way." Don't know if you know what I'm talking about, it's one of those things you just sort of have to experience to understand.

This is also the same woman with the scary fast eye-to-eye scan. So for future reference if I bitch about Regina, that's who.

There's also another guy who has only proven his worthlessness to me recently, and it's unfortunate because he's a VP of the company. But let me tell you about the egregious violation of workplace courtesy that this man has committed. Let me describe to you the full-on e-mail assault he has launched in recent weeks.

This man is sending out an e-mail a day, every morning, to (it would appear) every single e-mail address he's ever stumbled across... giving a COUNTDOWN UNTIL HIS BIRTHDAY. NOT someone else's, HIS OWN BIRTHDAY.

Let me give you an example:
8/6, Subject "22 & Counting"
body "The countdown has started"

(NO explanation I disregarded)

8/7, Subject "Definition:"
body "(presents); when given notice of ones b-day in advance, generous gifts should be given to the honoree on that day."

8/8, Subject "Surprise"
body "Thought there was not going to be a reminder even when I am on vacation, nice try. Count down is at 20"

8/9, Subject "Re: Surprise"
body " He's making a list"

(Who, Santa Claus?)

8/12, Subject "Truth of B-days"
body "The truth about birthdays, "one year older and also one year wiser" - I will vouch for it "

WHO DOES THAT?? Who is so tactless as to, unsolicited, give EVERYONE a daily reminder of his birthday, for THREE WEEKS??

This day conspires to drive me mad.

oh, right, I forgot...

Since unhappymeal reminded me...Weekend Update, with Colin Quinn (shut up, he was funny)

Dog maintenance
Went to sucktacular Event #1 with girl
Went to moderately enjoyable Event #2 (watching Miah and Kevin mix their own rocket fuel and set colorful things on fire) although fun was tainted by mood from Event #1...while girl went to meet her friend
Went home, both of us feeling craptacular. (yes, everything's *tacular today.)
Dog maintenance

Slept till 11:30 or some such hour... ahh, wonderfulness
Dog maintenance
Went looking for a cheap lighting solution for my work desk downstairs... decided it was out of the budget (yes, a small budget)
Hooked up a makeshift temporary lighting solution and worked on model
Kids came over
Nic starts crying immediately
I can't deal for some reason today so I retreat to the basement
Dog maintenance
Lounge around watching TV

Awakened to figure out that I need to watch the kids while girl goes to bridal show, that's cool
Dog maintenance
Feed kids and put one to bed (it's nap time already, that's when I woke up)
Work on model and website
Lounge around house
Bash the shit out of my little toe
Dog maintenance
Sloppy joes (mmmmm)
Laziness and TV
A bit of PS2 before bed

This morning
Wake up
Dog maintenance (rather unpleasant)
Figure out the jigsaw puzzle of putting myself, two kids, and five baskets of laundry into the car
Drop off laundry and kids at girl's mom's
And here I am

You can tell the days I'm feeling very restless and not in a very good mood because I post a LOT.
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it is physically impossible for this day to suck harder than it does. can't be done.

For lunch I drove around. I went to the property management place (thanks for the reminders), but then I just drove around. I usually listen to Jim Rome at lunch, today I listened to Orgy, AK1200, and a little Sisters of Mercy. I drove slow, down tree-lined streets without much traffic. I looked at the cloudy sky and thought about stuff. I felt like I was in a weird trance of some sort. I felt like I was on the edge of either a spiritual awakening or a nervous breakdown. (Comforting to know there are guys like me on the road, right?)

Last night I was watching TLC and some base jumpers jumped into this cave in Mexico. It's called the Cave of the Swallows, or something like that, and it's basically this monstrous hole in the ground, about 1400 feet straight down. What a cool place to be. I'd love to hang out in the bottom of that for a while. (It's a bit bell shaped, larger at the bottom, large enough for a city block). I think that would be cool. Any geographical feature would be good at this point. Southern England, in the neighborhood of Stonehenge, is where lots of Earth's spiritual lines cross, they* say. Also Sedona, AZ. What about mountains, the Grand Canyon, even a big river (ours sucks). I think there are places on Earth which are spiritual locations, and Kansas is for certain not one of them. There is not a damn thing beautiful about nature here with the one glaring exception of thunderstorms. And to me, it's starting to not be worth it. I want to be somewhere else.

So I get home, finally, to make a sandwich and as soon as I walk in the door, I know something is wrong. I smell shit. Then I remember, oh yeah, I had to clean up after the dog this morning and I didn't take the time to actually take the trash out to the dumpster. Ok, I'll do that after I take the dogs out to potty.

But oh no. My fucktacular day had so much more to give.

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Today is actually turning out to be quite LJ-tacular.

I should be making phone calls to check references on the $20,000 software product we're thinking about buying, but I'm not.

* don't know who "they" is

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WinMX kind of blows. Kazaa is spyware. What else can I use for MP3s that is has a reasonably large user base and is free (of course)?

To continue this weekend's theme, apparently, slap an eye patch on me and make me say "yo ho ho and a bottle of rum" or "arrrrr, matey" or something.