September 6th, 2002

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Well, I'm feeling much better today. Means I'll probably do a lot more work and a lot less posting/screwing around. Also it's Friday which is always nice.

I had some other things to say but I've forgotten them now.


The Ridgeway(2), nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 18th August.
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NFL season started last night. I think that rocks that they did it on a Thursday night, with only one game. Very cool. Too bad I had class and missed the whole damn thing. I guess I'll survive until Sunday. Of course I'll probably end up busy enough to not watch any Sunday either, but I can hope, right?

Anyone willing to donate to the "Josh needs a real camera" fund please signify by sending me money on paypal.

My brother came home from Navy boot camp last night. He flew into KC and my dad drove up to get him. I guess he got home around 10:30 last night. He misses Annabelle so I am taking her back out there to live for a couple weeks while he's home. Tonight I'm taking Tandra and the kids and both dogs out there. He needs to meet Bailey and I miss him and want to see him and he has the WRC PS2 game so I gotta go check that out. So that's the plans for the evening. Nic and Xandria always like to go see grandpa Dale and grandma Connie, so that's a bonus.

Freakin fantastic... I have a wonderful IT meeting which will probably last till lunch. On the plus side, it will pass the time untl I can go home and eat. On the minus side, IT meetings are boring and usually result in me having more work to do...blah to that.