September 13th, 2002

I am so hungry

Last night I got home from work and I read over the study test twice. I read over it again when I got to class and proceeded to score 100% on the exam. I rock.

Then since class was only half an hour I went home early and crawled in my nice warm bed... mmmm. It was nice.


Today's car of the day is the Nissan R390 GT1.

It's got a 3.5 liter V8, twin-turbocharged. It makes 550 hp and weighs 2420 lbs. This car took 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 10th in the 1998 24 hours of Le Mans race.

In order to participate in the GT1 class, at least one street-legal version has to be produced.

Another of my favorite cars in Gran Turismo 3.
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Company Picnic

right... so the company picnic is going on right now. Note that I am temporarily misplaced. This is intentional.

I went downstairs and outside. The thing is being catered by Spear's. That's cool, their food is all right. So I'm standing around trying to figure out whether I want to hang out with the geek club (IT) or the smarmy slick-e-boy salesman who's all chummy with me when I get roped into SERVING. Meaning, EATING LAST. Which sucks because I'm hungry. But the CEO (yes, the bitch) is serving two spots away from me so I can't really tell anyone to find someone else to do it. Fine, so I do it. Finally we finish and I get my food and I sit down. Next to the sales guy. He's actually a really nice guy. So I'm eating, and the flies are just amazingly bad. So bad that it's all everyone is talking about. So I'm both eating and swatting, looking like a tard (just like everyone else). My hot dog is overcooked. The cole slaw is awful. THEN, one of the retards starts puking. That's right. Just puking. I guess he had something caught in his throat or something, but whatever, I don't care. He's puking. Loudly. Repeatedly. As I'm trying to eat. I didn't look but I could still HEAR it. DISGUSTING. So I got up and left and grabbed some BBQ chicken and came inside, up to my office.

Later on I have to help with one of the retarded games they're doing. This is one of those events that has "DOOR PRIZES" that no one wants. T-shirts that sponsor shit like ziploc bags, VHS movies you've never heard of, carnival prize toys, a safety orange sleeping bag, a smaller than regulation size soccer ball, etc. I really would rather just stay up here and work.
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Last night class only went half an hour because the test was a breeze. When I got out it was about 7:30. The sun was just setting and the sky was at that place where the sun is below the horizon but it's still light out. It was about seventy-five degrees and for some reason it actually wasn't terribly humid. I had the windows all the way down, and it's highway the whole way from class to my house, and they are on opposite sides of town from each other. Traffic was moderate to light, which meant that for the most part I had a straight shot where I wanted to go, and where I didn't, with a little weaving I could get where I wanted to go without slowing down. I actually had to take three different highways (which means lots of on and off ramps, fun), and at one point a detour required me to take an exit ramp ("medium right, tightens") to street traffic and then immediately get back on going the other way. The whole drive just seemed to flow. It was really nice. After a while, even though I was in town, I decided to open it up a bit just because it felt so good. I don't think I got over 100 but it sure was fun. I was co-driving in my head, imagining the pace notes I would call out for the road ahead. I do that a lot.

I like driving.

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So I went down to help with my stupid game, and apparently I inadvertently weaseled out of it by being a couple minutes late. Bonus. So I stand around and watch for a minute, and it starts raining, just a little bit.

Now it's all thundery! I love thunder. And thundery is a great word I just thought of.

I love this song, a lot.
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