September 17th, 2002

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right, so yesterday I wrote a post-dated check for $175, dated Friday, payday. I wrote this check so that I could pick up my car after having the transmission fixed. But the SHIT'S NOT FIXED. WTF. I'm not in a good mood now. So much for fixing the transmission and the non-working brake lights and turn signals before going out of town. So much for taking my car on the trip. Fuck.

Last night I made nice progress on Ace Combat 4. Did a little History homework. That about covers it.


Oh yeah, it's the Mini Cooper S. This little guy is fun on wheels.

1.6 liters supercharged and intercooled to create 163 hp with a top speed of almost 140 mph, and it weighs 2678 lbs. That's pretty quick for such a little car.

Note the location of the wheels - very near the corners of the car. Not a lot of overhang on the front and rear. This provides stability in cornering.

It's also got a six-speed manual transmission. Mazda doesn't have anything on this zoom zoom.

If I had one of these I could go to Lawrence in it.
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to those who know

Which is better - owning a fully paid off older used car and paying for maintenance here and there, or owning a newer car for which you pay more monthly and more on insurance but let the dealer maintain, or owning a brand new car? What are the pros and cons and benefits and downsides of all those options? Which is least expensive in the long run?
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The Oracle says: leah remini has a Bacon number of 3.

Leah Remini was in Glory Daze (1996) with French Stewart
French Stewart was in Love Stinks (1999) with Colleen Camp
Colleen Camp was in Trapped (2002) with Kevin Bacon

I dare you to find someone with a higher Bacon number.

The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia
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everyone wait with bated breath.

tomorrow you get the weekly idiot quite from the Speech instructor.

Yes, I'm already dreading listening to her mouth tonight. Good thing some people are giving speeches.
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this guy's funny

joe (1:58:58 PM): i'm distributing catheters and stuff at st joe
joe (1:59:12 PM): it's a weird job
joe (1:59:18 PM): i'm going to the peace corps in a few months
BsyChld424 (1:59:20 PM): that sounds weird
BsyChld424 (1:59:25 PM): oh yeah? what does that mean?
joe (1:59:46 PM): i will be going to africa to teach kids how to use the internet and farm and stuff
BsyChld424 (1:59:51 PM): wow
BsyChld424 (1:59:52 PM): cool
joe (1:59:55 PM): internet and farming are basically the same thing
BsyChld424 (2:00:15 PM): right, pretty close
joe (2:00:26 PM): you should make a website that will teach people how to farm, all online
joe (2:00:33 PM): the best of both worlds
BsyChld424 (2:00:49 PM): HA
BsyChld424 (2:00:55 PM): if I knew about farming
joe (2:01:11 PM): that's an important part
joe (2:01:22 PM): i think you just gotta dig holes for seeds and water them

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you people are not taking your responsibility to keep me entertained seriously enough.

I just want to put you on notice that outsourcing this project is not outside the scope of possibilities here. I've already looked into my "friendsfriends" page.

But I don't want to take those kinds of steps here. I hope to see some increased productivity out of you guys. I'm confident we can pull together to make this project a success.
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