September 24th, 2002

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today we continue with Focus week.

This is my heart's desire... the Focus SVT. SVT stands for Special Vehicles Team, it's Ford's high-performance division. They make a Mustang Cobra (Some years a Cobra R) and an SVT F-150 Lightning. They also at one point made a Contour SVT.

While the regular Focus ZX3 makes 130 hp and 135 ft-lbs of torque, the SVT Focus makes 170 hp and 145 ft-lbs of torque. The SVT Focus has larger brake rotors, tighter suspension, and a heightened boost curve on the power steering makes for more responsive handling. The car sits on 17-inch wheels with 45-series tires.

Note that in none of these pictures is the car sitting still. I wouldn't stop just for a picture either, I'd drive that thing till the wheels fell off.
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I'm making pasta salad tonight for Speech class. It's a demonstration speech so we have to show how to do something. Here's my ingredients:

spiral pasta
bell peppers
sweet onion
black olives
lemon juice
garlic salt/powder, oregano, basil, salt, pepper

question is, what kind of vinegar?

Poll #62627 vinegar

What kind of vinegar?


Something else?

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