October 2nd, 2002

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Right, it's Wednesday. This is bad because I don't have any money, but it's good because I really need the playtime. I am so stressed out right now. And I'm only going to community college. I'm never going to be able to swing 12 hours at a real college and work 40 hours at the same time. This sucks.

Tonight we ride, and tonight I hope to have playtime. Unless it rains, of course, which would be typical. It's in the forecast.

I have a wealth of retarded bullshit that our Speech instructor let out of her face last night but I left it all in my notebook. Maybe I'll grab that at lunch and post it for you this afternoon. Even if you don't give a damn, it lets me vent.

If it weren't for the instructor, I think I'd like that class. The content is interesting, and I'd like to be able to deliver a good speech.

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to umokay:

Since you have decided you don't want anyone to talk back to you, you have said more interesting and neat stuff that I want to reply to than ever. Was that intentional?

And what is balloon juice?
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It's raining like heck here. Part of our parking lot is flooding and people are scurrying out to move their cars. So much for putting zillions of dollars into the landscaping. Brilliant. It's funny to me though since I didn't park in the deep end.
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More pictures that Sean took at the Samples concert, these were from the stage:

The top of my head is in the lower left corner, and that's my arm.

That bitch beside me, behind my brother, the one whose left cheek is covered by my brother's head... that bitch kept fucking with my brother, petting his head and messing with him and shit... later Tandra almost kicked the shit out of her. She was fucking annoying.

The expression on my brother's face is hilarious.

And why do people always do the devils horns thing with their hand at concerts? It was the SAMPLES for fuck's sake, not Megadeth.
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