October 10th, 2002

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Wow... lots to talk about, kids. Plenty of stuff to get caught up on since Tuesday.

I guess chronologically is going to be the best way for me to remember everything.

Tuesday night
Speech Class. Idiotic drivel from our instructor. And since I forgot to post last week's, you get them both shortly.

9:00A: Worked until 11 at which point I had to leave for an appointment with my allergist.
11:50PM: Left the doctor with a big white paper sack full of drugs and six prescriptions. (Three for allergies and asthma, one for my sinus infection, and two I probably won't use.)
12:00PM: Went by the Science Education Center where Miah works to see the mama Black Widow whose babies escaped and began to crawl all over the Ed Center yesterday. They got *most* of them cleaned up...
12:30PM: Went home to take the doggies out.
12:40PM: McDonald's drive through.
12:50PM: Receive a call from Jess, Tandra's friend. Tandra has passed out in the bathroom, whacked her head on the toilet, and is now puking all over the place.
12:51PM: Bust a fat U-bone in traffic and floor it
12:52PM: Run a red light
12:59PM: ten miles away from the red light, run a stop sign
1:00PM: Help Tandra into my car
1:15PM: Arrive at the ER
4:00PM: Leave the ER with papers that say "You seem to be ok and since you don't have insurance we're not going to run any expensive tests on you since we'll probably never get our money for this anyway." Actually they didn't say that, but I wonder.
5:00PM: Get home after going to get her car (which she felt ok enough to drive home) and picking up my computer from work
6:00PM: I fall asleep and she makes dinner (doh)
6:30PM: Decide to stay home and take care of my baby instead of going to Wednesday
7:00PM: She's feeling much better and I play an hour of GT3
8:00PM: We watch Monster's Ball on PPV (it was pretty good)
11:00PM: We have freakin fantastic sex, after which she says the following:
  • "You made me come nine or ten times"
  • "If Angels had faces they'd look like you"
  • "You're like my own little personal sex god"
12:30AM: Crash out

So it's been quite the interesting 24 hours.

Now I come in to work this morning and I have five projects that everyone wants done NOW. So I've got lots of crap to do. Blah.
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Idiot Mouth

As promised, here are the quotes from my idiot speech teacher from the last two classes.

Tuesday, Oct 1:
  • In reference to students giving speeches: "I have to sit through all of them"

  • Upon finding an old project she'd done in college: "I was probably drunk when I did that!"

  • "I don't accept the form of outline that's in your book. I can't process it. Make it easy for me and do it my way."

  • "I don't go to the deep dark South. I have a problem with the South. I think it's dangerous...yeah, they lost."
Tuesday, Oct 8:
  • "...he was all strung out on chemo..."

  • "...most artists are loopy."

  • ".. my grandpa was dying and he was 'finding his soul'" (and then in a very fake, put-on voice) "Oh lord, I'm sad!" (as though to make everyone laugh... the gigglers egg her on.)

  • Upon explaining part of the lecture, she got to one main point on a certain type of Informative Speech and said "You can read that in your book. I don't have time for that in here."

  • Someone sneezed. A few people said "bless you". She said "stop that!" She was trying to be funny, but it's like she doesn't realize she's in a role model position.
She just has this professional appearance, and then she opens her mouth and destroys that impression. The white trash in her comes out and ruins your external perception of her. She's an idiot and she's certainly in no position to be telling people about how to speak to a group.
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So, I know (almost) everyone loves pickles, right? But have you ever had beet pickles, or watermelon pickles? Dude. You gotta try that. I know, right now you're saying, "but Josh, that sounds nasty as hell, how could you even talk about that, let alone eat it?" Trust me. Watermelon pickles are pickled watermelon rinds. But they're so good. If you ever go to South Dakota or have some other reason why they're available to you, give them a shot. You won't be disappointed.

On a completely unrelated note, an e-mail has formed in my head:

Dear Josh,

Please just give up now and throw your crap in the trash.

Your two eBay auctions which have garnered a grand total of zero bids in two days.

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Well, this afternoon some dumb fuck in a pickup truck (go fig) smacked into a light pole and killed the power to my work. Even though it was a mile away. Killed the power to something like 6700 customers, I heard. Idiot. So I hung around for an hour doing nothing until we got the high sign to head out. That was nice because it gave me time to bum around and study for my test a little bit. My test which I studied approximately twenty minutes on and scored one hundred percent (I expect). Tandra bought Nic a bike so I spent a few minutes clueing him in to foot position on the pedal and the big secret of bicycling: If you fall one way, turn that way. He overcame some initial nervousness pretty quickly and I think he'll pick it up pretty fast. I think here in a week or so we'll try bomb drops. Probably in a month he'll be doing tailwhips and showing me up. He's four.

And Tandra... I still love you, but...

I have another love.



vanilla wafers dipped in chocolate milk OH GOD

Oh hell yeah. :-)

There was more I was going to say and I cannot remember what it was. Of course, I could probably write that sentence in every single journal entry I ever write.