October 16th, 2002

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I was SO TIRED this morning. It was really hard for me to wake up.

It was really cloudy and dark on the way to work. The sun wasn't all the way up yet. It was neat. Then it started sprinkling when I got here. I don't want Daylight Savings Time. It will just make the sun be in my face on the way to work again. Remind me never to live west of where I work again.

One quote tonight from our illustrious speech instructor. The context is as follows: One woman in our class evidently "blew her knee out" (whatever that means) between last Tuesday and last night. She had to give a speech today, but her doctor had her all loopy on Percoset. So her speech was pretty short and a bit disjointed. As we were walking out of the classroom for our break, I heard our teacher say to her, "Don't apologize to me, it's not my grade."

What a fucking bitch.

Um, what else... I have oatmeal and orange juice. I love OJ. I love grapefruit juice too. I don't have any money to go to Old Chicago tonight, but I'm going anyway. If the patio is open, we'll ride. I guess that's up in the air at this point. If we ride, we'll probably be sitting outside drinking beer in roughly 50 degree weather. Good times.

I want a nap.
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pull over, he's got a badge and a gun.

The other day I saw a Mustang GT-R. That's pretty cool, I didn't know they made those. I didn't know the Ford Mustang had a GT-R trim package, but there the badge was, plain as day. I bet it's FAST. It sure LOOKS fast with that GT-R badge.

Come to think of it, I saw a Chevy Cavalier Type R recently as well. I thought only select Hondas and Acuras were available with a Type-R package, and I thought those were only available in Japan. So Honda/Acura (a Japanese company) is in cooperation with Chevrolet (an American General Motors company) in producing a new Type R Cavalier. I bet it's faster than the Z34. Type R means fast, doesn't it?

I guess that a lot of the specialty performance groups of the auto manufacturers must be cooperating across companies. In fact, at the place where I got my transmission fixed, I saw a Mercury Marquis SVT. Pretty cool. Fast, too, I bet. A fast SVT Mercury Marquis.

{back to reality}

WTF?!?!?!?! God dammit. These fucking arrogant little bastards. Do they not think I know you can get a GT-R badge at freaking Autozone? What, did this guy say "I think I'll put a fake GT-R badge on my car, that way people will think it's faster than it really is. Then I won't be able to back it up when someone with a real car wants to race, that will be cool." Did he say "Hell, I don't even know what the hell GT-R means, so there's no way anyone else will. In fact, it's probably made up! No such thing! GT-R stands for Gimp Tryin ta Reprazent! Good, then I'll put the GT-R badge on my 1990 Mercury Tempo, and it will make my quarter mile time improve by a solid eight tenths of a second. To 19.9 seconds. That's pretty fast." Then his "homie" said "let me put the Type-R badge that I bought at Pep Boys on my Plymouth Reliant. That will look cool. People will ask me about my car and I can tell them I keep the turbo boost gauge in the glove compartment." I actually had a guy tell me and my friend that once. He was driving a beat-up ass CRX and he claimed he had a turbocharger on it. When we asked him where he kept the blow-off valve set at, he said in the glove box. Ass. "Hey, look, someone stole an SVT badge and now I have access to it. I'm going to put it on my 4-door Honda Accord. Good times."

What, these guys can't afford body kits and wings to make their car look faster, so they go for the fake badging? "Gee, I'm blinded by the Fast and the Furious, I MUST be that guy, fuck, I'm broke. How can I make my car go faster? Wait, that's not important. How can I make it LOOK fast??"

Nothing like a little false advertising to get your bucket beat by a 13 year old factory Oldsmobile Delta 88.

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An excerpt from a telephone conversation I just had with Miah:

Miah: Why does this one go in first? That's not fair. And why does it go in that hole? That's not how it looks on the picture.
Me: What are you building?
Miah: A gorilla. This gear ratio doesn't look right.
Me: Miah, why does your gorilla need a gear ratio?
Miah: I bet Santa's Elves get paid a lot. This is ass.
Me: ...
Miah: Buy him books, buy him books, and all he does it eat 'em.
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