October 21st, 2002

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What a fabulous weekend we had. We were gone and back in thirty-six hours but was it ever a nice change of pace. We took a leisurely drive out to Fort Scott. On the way we stopped at a couple places and took some photographs. One place was a small-town old car graveyard. There was an old dilapidated building that looked like it used to be a barn or something. It was very dark in there, but in one spot there was what appeared to be a bathroom cabinet with a sink in it sitting on top of another cabinet, and the hole in the roof allowed the light to come directly down on top of it. It was completely bizarre. You'll see when we get the pictures developed.

We were cruising along through some small town and Tandra was talking about something when suddenly she bolted out of her chair and stood upright (in the car, I'm not sure how that happened), threw a pointing finger in front of my face and yelled "DONKEY!!". Needless to say, I became concerned for her mental well-being and determined that now was an even better time for a vacation than I'd previously thought. On the way back into town we stopped, knocked on the door, and asked permission to go onto their property to get a photo of the donkey. I was certain we'd have the shit kicked out of us after the land owner talked about how the donkey was very possessive of his little flock of sheep.

Fort Scott is a really pretty town. The bed & breakfast we stayed at was in a Victorian mansion and boy was it ever Victorian. The decor was just over the top frilly and gaudy and, well, Victorian. If I had to live in a place that had that much to look at I'd go insane very soon, but it was a really cool place to stay for a night. My favorite thing for sure was the hot tub. I gotta get me one of those.

We spent Saturday driving around the town. They were having some kind of small-town festival where they block off Main street (all three blocks of it) and have people out selling crafts and homemade jellies and home-grown produce and stuff. It was interesting. We also paid our three bucks apiece to tour the old Fort (which is now a museum) and learn about the part it played in the Civil War. Interesting stuff. From the Fort though we could see an old grain elevator which appeared to be abandoned since all the windows were broken out of it. I decided I wanted to explore it, but when we got close, Tandra said it looked too much like Freddy's house so we passed on by. I haven't seen any Freddy movies but after seeing how creepy this place was in the light of mid-day, I'm inclined to take her word that a raging psycho could come bursting out at any moment and filet us. We also took a drive around the city park, which was large enough to have both a lake and a river in it. Took some photos which I expect will come out very nicely, but we were too slow to catch the muskrat on film. He bolted.

On the way home we had, to quote Tandra, "a front row seat for the sunset." And it was beautiful. Got some good photos of that as well.

Between our weekend trip and our exploration of the old State building a couple weekends ago, We've got something like seven or eight rolls of film to be developed. I'm looking forward to that.

In closing, I must say I'm extremely excited about this:
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