November 18th, 2002

Monday morning, and there are 208 new entries on my friends page.


Girl went out with friends while I stayed home and played many hours of GTA:VC
We went to sleep at about 3:30AM

Ran around and did some errands
Finally saw an SVT Focus with my own eyes
Stayed home with our broke asses
Ordered Panic Room on PPV, it was pretty good
Played many hours of GTA:VC
Slept on the fold-out sofa in the living room

Cleaned house while having a "my-stereo-is-louder-than-yours" war with the fucking idiot neighbors who have decided to be loud assholes again
Talked to the landlord who showed up unsolicited and told us "one more time and I'll kick them out" (which is probably bullshit) and "I'm not really in a position to let you out of your lease if you buy a house even though your neighbors are the worst neighbors in the history of history and I suck because I won't move their bitch asses out and even if I do they'll still know where you live." (that's a paraphrase)
Cut my hair really short and bleached it nearly transparent
Wrote two papers for Comp
Played some hours of GTA:VC
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I was watching VH1 yesterday and they had a thing on the best love songs or something like that, and one of them was "You Are Always On My Mind" by Willie Nelson.

For my money, no one does that song better than the Pet Shop Boys.

But that's just me.
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photos, finally

These are some photos we took on our trip to Fort Scott. All photos cropped, resized, sharpened to compensate for degradation in quality during scanning, and border added using Photoshop 6. Most were taken by me but some were taken by my fiancee, scarletfirefly.

1. neglect

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And with that out of the way, I would like to announce the resurrection of! I mean, really, what good is a web designer without his own website? So there you have it. Not much there at the moment, but enough to keep you interested for a few minutes, particularly the super cool photo album application I wrote. I'm pretty proud of that. (It does a lot more than you can see, check the "job" page.)!
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this conversation happened a couple hours ago:

Tandra: What do you guys want for dinner? Dog food?
Nic: That's just for dogs.
Tandra: What about bird food?
Nic: That's just for birds!
Tandra: Okay, how about hamster pellets.
Nic: That's just for hamsters!
Tandra: Do you want Crab Rangoon?
Nic: That's just for goons.
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