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November 24th, 2002

sickly and feeble

well, I've been sick and miserable all weekend, and my presence at work tomorrow is at this point questionable at best. *subtly advancing the cause of two day work weeks*

Also I did not go to my parents house to move furniture as I felt like shit Saturday morning.

Furthermore I should be doing my History homework right now but I've been doing it all evening and I'm freaking sick of it.

I estimate I've played at least 14 hours of GTA:VC since Friday night. This is all because I had forgotten about the History assignment which is due tonight though. So, nice. No gaming for me tonight until/unless I finish my homework.

I don't think it's strep throat or allergies. It's a head cold which has settled in my sinuses. I'm going to have to go to a doctor to get something for my sinus infection... AGAIN. Fuck sinus infections.

I've been using tissues like mad.

Miah and I didn't get to play this weekend. Ass to that. I wish the weather had been nicer and I had been not sick, then we would have gotten in one more mountain bike excursion before winter.

Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill was on HBO Comedy last night. Even though the DVD comes out in two days, I taped it anyway. I miss my copy of that.