November 27th, 2002

Courtesy of my friend Jon:

Don't hesitate - get yourself a guard llama today.

BsyChld424 (10:07:59 AM): the picture of the llama on the last page of that pdf is pretty funny
Jon (10:08:32 AM): like he just got busted checking out that sheep ass
Jon (10:09:21 AM): yeah. that's pretty unprofessional
BsyChld424 (10:15:25 AM): Do you suppose there's a llama harrassment policy in place
Jon (10:16:10 AM): Well, I imagine it's pretty hard to litigate on the sheep's behalf. They're notoriously skanky. Just ask any Scotsman.
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Remember Devil Went Down to Georgia?

Ok, this is an e-mail forward I just got, so I'm going to lj-cut it since it's bad form to post those. However, either I'm in a good mood because of the holiday weekend, or this is actually pretty funny. I think it's worth checking out (obviously, or I wouldn't post it.)

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good GOD I cannot concentrate. I haven't done a damn thing since lunch. We get to leave here at 4 today. I am SO READY for this weekend. It's going to be fabulous to have a four day weekend. All I'm doing is trying to find new music and listening to music and downloading music to burn later.
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